Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What Berlyn has been up to

Since i havent written at all in forever! Ill give you an update in pics of how bee has been, i pretty much have at least 1 from every day of her mom insists i send her one every day, so she can see how big she is getting! So, this is what she has been doing lately....LAUGHING like crazy!!! all the time!Getting chunky little legs!Loves watching us talk to hersitting up! chilling with her favorite bunnyJust looking cuteJust being a little silly!Chewing on EVERYTHINGincluding her ENTIRE hand!!! crazy crazy baby!


Tenille Gates said...

...thats adorable ♥ She looks like your mini-me :0) lol the background looks way cute too!

Jess said...

Ok are those baby legs? I LOVE Baby legs! Ry has a few pair, you HAVE to come over & see us! She is adorable! Ry finally grew out of the eating the WHOLE fist stage I hope she does too ;)I agree with Tenille she looks alot like you!

The Archuleta's said...

Yay for updates on your blog! You sure do have a one cute baby! I love those chubby legs!