Sunday, May 18, 2008


How long have you been married?
lets see... 2 years and 10 months ish

How old is your spouse?
27 28 in july

Who eats more?
It depends on what it is, if its junk, Dustin can eat and eat and eat, but i can eat more salad haha

Who said I love you first? was the first thing he ever said to me...or texted i guess...whatever! Creepy i know!!!

Who is taller?
Dustin is much taller, im glad i found a tall guy so i can keep on wearing my high heels, i had a few guys who i had to wear flats with, and they just didnt cut it

Who sings better?
I do, its the voice of an angel...haha jk

Who is smarter?
I let Dustin think he is smarter, but a certified GENIUS

Who controls the T.V. remote?
The remote doesnt usually get controlled at my house to be honest

Whose temper is worse?
Well, Dustin is like a little puppy, its hard to even know he has a temper, but im a girl, so i definately have a temper...poor dusty :/

Who does the laundry?
Dustin always tries to..bless his little heart..but he RUINS everything he washes...he just doenst know what can and cant go in they dryer or what colors dont go together...BAH! at least he tries!

Who does the dishes?
I make dinner, so he does dishes...he still has to catch on to this though

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?
I do, he is more cuddly on one side haha jk

Who cooks dinner?
I do...I dont trust his cooking very often

Who is more stubborn?
Well whole family knows that one

Who is the first to admit when they are wrong?
I do...Dustin never thinks he's wrong, so i appologize even when I'm right

Whose parents do you see the most?
Dustins parents, but only cause they live here, and mine dont...

Who has more friends?
Me and Dustin share all our friends, or most of them, but he has more real friends, and i have more kinda friends and know more people

Who has more siblings?
Oh i do by far...i have 1 sister, and 3 brothers, and Dustin only has 1 sister

Who wears the pants in the family?
i let Dustin think he does...thats what we all do..right girls?? haha

i tag...jessica and sisty took my others i know on here

Sunday, May 11, 2008


HOLA!...Well. sadly, were back already from mexico, and it didnt even seem like we were there more than 2 days. It was SOOO much fun, i wish i could live there! The weather was perfect every day and the ocean is NEVER cold..its pretty dang awesome! Anywho...heres some picty pics of the trip...sorry theres not too many of them, i was kinda caught up in the moment a lot and forgot to take them! he he!

Dustins Aunt Katie and Cousin Amy and baby Max in front of some parrots

so, i wasnt picking my nose i had a scratch...we were in the dolphin thingy at Xcaret, but i guess they got scared of us when we came in...oh there they are!Here we are in the butterfly garden, they were landing on us like crazy...especially max, he had that butterfly on him the whole time we were in thereheres some mayans doing some traditional mayan dances...thats right, they swing from high high places and turn in circles like windmills, i really wonder how they did it back a million years agooh i loved the little baby sea turtles! this one was chasing that leaf for forever...those little critters grow to be like 6 feet long or longer! holy moley!!!oh and here is just a little tornado (not so little) thats how big it looked from the horizon...i seriously thought we were going to get hit!!! it was huge! and you could see the water whirling below it and blowing up in the air it was pretty dang freaky...but then it went away and it got sunny againheres me and amy(my face was burn that day...dont i look lovely) at the BEST mexican restaurant we went was all outside, and that was our view it was awesome!i love this pic of dustin haha he wore his buddy max in that snuggli everywhere we went, he loved that boy!.... its at Tulum in front of one of the mayan ruins...and you can hardly see it but there are some bloody little handprints up there, and i guess they mayans (who were the lamanites) would put those prints at places that Jesus came way way way back in the day, so thats pretty dang awesome...heres the beach at Tulum...Amy Katie and Maxy were down there somewhere....i dont remember where some more ruins, theres me and my papa in law and mama in law in this last one, i dont know what we were looking at there, but it looked importantyippieee! heres me and dusty in fron of the beach at Tulum! we took a pic just like this the last time we came, so we thought we would duplicate it!

Alrighty! thats all for now... Mexico was awesome... thats all!

Friday, May 2, 2008

We're GoIn To MExiCo Tomorrow MoRning!!!!!! ha ha...i just realized we're going to be there on cinco de mayo...that should be FuN....Oh the Festivities! Yippee! keep lookin up on our page, cause as soon as we get back ill put some picty pics up!