Saturday, July 26, 2008

Who remembers

OH....i just saw this on a few of my friends pages and it seemed like fun for us all to participate in. So lets have a go...

1. As a comment on my blog leave, a memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a lot or a little, it's just anything you can remember.

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It is fun to see the memories that people have of you.

Make me proud!

Friday, July 11, 2008

3 years!!

well, this weekend for me( last tuesday and wednesday, my days off) was pretty busy, suprisingly.... first we got to find out what we are having, and that she didnt have 5 legs and one eye..haha, and it was Me and Dustins 3 year anniversary! yippieee!
It seems like we have known eachother for FOREVER but really, we havent, only since a nice sunday in April 2004, i had just barely BARELY turned 19 and was driving back to my apartment from somewhere, and i saw a bunch of guys skateboarding, they waved, and i smiled. The only one i really noticed was dustin cause he had a huge head of bleached blonde shaggy hair glowing in the sun, it made it hard to see anyone else haha. But it was the wierdest feeling i got then, i looked at him and something in me just knew i would be with him, at least be good friends with him was weird, i cant really explain it....
Anywhoo.... they apparently followed me home, cause i saw them skating around in the parking lot where my car was about a half hour later, so i decided to see if they really did follow me, so i went to my car to get some books that i "needed" and they all came all around me wanting me to go to their bbq they were having. Dustin claims he was the one who asked, but im pretty sure it was Layne and Shaffer, anyways i told them i would go (since they were pretty cute) but only if my sister could come too. So Layne hopped in my front seat and everyone else but Mike Piled in the back and we drove over to their house, where there was already a few people, like Tom, who i was scared of cause he seemed intimidating at the time, which is weird, cause he is probably the least intimidating person in the world... sister finally showed up, then it wasnt so awkward for me... I thought dustin was the cutest one there, but, he was hanging out with this other girl, who i assumed was his girlfriend, and Layne and Shaffer wouldnt take their attention off me and my sister. We went for a Scooter/motorcycle ride with all their friends, i think Jessica and Miles were there then too, and the girl dustin was talking to, was Mikes girlfriend, Tom had Kori on his bike, and i think Dustin took Shaffer haha...i didnt get a choice of who i got to ride with, Layne just pulled up and told me to get on his, so i did. Anywho we hung out with them for a while and they got our numbers, and we hung out a few more times.
Then all of the sudden one random day, probably like a week later, i got a text from a number i didnt know, and all it said was Love you....which i thought was very stalkerish, but i thought it was one of my friends joking with me so i kept on texting, and then we went to hang out at the boys house later that night and i text the number back, and dustins phone went off...
Pretty much since then we havent spent a day apart. I was so glad it was him, cause the whole time i was hopeing he would, but i didnt want to make any moves and he is way too stand off ish so i thought that nothing was ever going to happen with us....i think our first time we hung out just me and him, was we went to the mall to get something for his mom for mothers day i think?...he remembers better than me.
1 year exactly after we started dating we got engaged and we have been married for 3 crazy, our love story is so random......THE END!!!
OH and that pic on top is of Dustins crazy blonde shaggy hair, me my sister and Layne on a scooter at a scooter rally probably just a week after we met. And thats right there are 4 of us on one scooter, you know you have always wanted to do that...haha jk.He didnt know i liked him yet, and i didnt know he liked me yet. how cute

Here you go...

so here are some pics after a few days, my internet started acting weird....

this first one is of her scary face, i know it will get cuter later, but for now, she looks like an alien--and here, over on the left side are her little legs
oh and the top pic is of me, at work, thats 20 weeks for you yippee im already huge...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

ITS A.....

Well...all your votes on this poll worked out, and the winning vote won!!! Its a GIRL!!!! wahooo! now for some names... OH and ill get some of the ultrasound pics up as soon as i can, we tried to get a profile pic but she was just too dang honary!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I made a poll thing...go ahead and have a go

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


....OH! P.S. i decided to wait till my Dr appointment to see what were having. And i know it probably wont be, but just with all my bad baby luck in the past ( that most peopple dont know about, and i dont really like talking about :/ ...) It makes me really scared more than nervous to see it, and besides being affraid its not gonna live, im scared its gonna be deformed or mentally disabled. Cause i really cant deal with that... it'd be way hard.

I take care of mentally disabled people every day, and as much as i love them, they have it so rough, its hard sometimes dealing with the fact that they cant understand everything i want to say to them or do with them, and that we cant fully understand how they feel or what they want to do. i realize i take care of the extreme in some ways of disabled, where their parents kept them as long as they could handle them, which was until they were about 5 or 6, which is pretty understandable being that 2 out of the 6 of my girls are blind and deaf, one is just deaf, can see shadows and has downs syndrome, and 1 is blind and autistic and permanantly on pms...seriously, its simply wonderful. And one is blind, autistic, pica (which means she can and will eat ANYTHING...literally anything, she loves grass, and chewing on her chair while shes chilaxin, and cheese in the wrapper. which in addition to just being plain old mentally retarded makes it pretty hard for them to do stuff on their own. And as much as i love these girls and think of them as my own family... I dont think i could handle my own.

the end...

SO...besides my babbling about work, you can probably see why im so scared haha... Lets just hope it isnt...Fingers Crossed... My appointment is next tuesday at 10am ... yippee!

Stuff that im back working at the State Developmental Center, i am both too busy to do this too often, and too bored at work... i work the PM shift so i leave for work around 12 ish so i can get something to eat before work, or whatever, then i work from 130 to 10pm... and that shift gives me a lot of extra time, since i get the girls to bed around 8... i have till 10 to clean and do whatever i want, which gets pretty boring as you could probably guess. SO ive been bringing my paper and sparkly stuff and started making a bunch of this and that to keep me from being too bored...Heres what i did sunday....They look a lot prettier and more detailed in real life, but its a pic from my phone and it took a lot of it away.