Monday, August 20, 2007

my trip home!

AAAAAlright, so lets go back a few weeks to when i went and had a rare but fun visit with my mama papa and brother nick!

So, i quit my job, because it basically gave me no life to live, which was awesome, but i thought id try something new! BUT before i got a new job, we decided i needed to take a well deserved trip back home to see the folks! So within hours of deciding that, i called my mama and told her i was coming, and we got me a ticket to fly home on monday! it was such a quick decision that it made me really nervous for the whole thing...i get that way when im rushed! But, despite my thoughts that my plane would for surely crash, it didnt!!! yay! and i met up with my mom at LAX. We spent the whole day up in LA together! it was so much fun getting to see her again! We went shopping all over and then we went to lunch at Olive Garden...where they messed up my moms order and didnt even offer to give her meal for free! jerks! haha its ok, she wasnt too mad!

While I was down in Cali, we did a lot of fun shopping, and we went out to eat a few times. But i mainly just enjoyed all the time i got to spend with them, cause i never get to do that very often anymore :( Every morning me and my mama went walking...that is till i got shin splints!! they are not fun at all!!

Then the worst of all baby daisy was in the worst condition i have ever seen her in, she couldnt even hardly walk. We made her beef and rice to eat, which she loved, but she stopped eating all together by the end of the week. So we came to the decision that it would be better for her if we just put her to sleep... it was so much harder than i ever thought it would be! we took her down to the vet where we got to say our last goodbyes, and it was so sad because she lifted her head as if she were getting better right before we did it. but we knew it was right...We sat there as they gave her the injection and all started bawling! except of course for my dad who is tuff as steel..but i knew he was crying on the inside, because that girl was the best dog ever!!! i will always love her!! She died very peacefully and i know she is doing so much better now in heaven! And someday i will go up and get to play with that crazy daiz again! RIP little lady!!!

Lets get to the fun part! So i FINALLY talked dustin into coming to pick me up! Cause i love when he gets to spend time with my family too!!! When he got here, he brought all 3 of our puppies, who went straight to work on digging holes all over my parents back yard! sniffing out all daisys old favorite spots!!! i was so nervous my parents were gonna be mad!! but they were pretty understanding! Molly fell in love with the pool and was in it swimming around every spare minute she had! Then my mom decided maybe they should go in a kennel we called all over and couldnt find anywhere that would take them without all their checks on all shots! so she was stuck with them anyways!...thanks mom, those dogs had a BLAST!! hehe!

Oh so when Dust came, we started out the day by going to lunch, at Baja Fresh...some delishious fresh mexican food! and then we took a drive to some model homes, so we could get some ideas on how to fancy up our casa! We got some great ideas...that we still need to put to work!!! After that, my dad took us to his favorite lunchtime hang out(jk) the go cart track!!! My dad, Dustin, and Nick raced as me and my mom watched! They had so much fun! they were going so fast! i was sure they were gonna smash into something!! That was the first time dustin ever went to do that and he LOVED it...even though he lost by a land slide! but seriously, did he really think he could beat the one and only Bob way!!! but he is still determined he will beat him next time!!! you hear that dad?! your goin down!!!

So then we finished up the day with going to see Hairspray! that movie was so much fun! they will deny it, but dustin, my dad and nick were all up out of their seats dancing like no other!!! haha! i loved it! we finished off the night with a delightful pizza from bjs! The tastiest ending to the best one day vacation with dustin and my parents ever!!!!! I miss you guys and i hope we can come down to visit more often! I love every second with those ol folks!!! alrighty thats all from that little flash back trip...till next time!

my first and things in utah!

Hey Everyone! Sooo I Saw That My Sister Had A Blog space and i thought that it would be a really good way to let everyone know what was going on with us! i would have more pictures but we accidentally deleted everything off our computer...geniuses! so i will try to get back to you on that one! Anyways....lets get started~!

So lets see...last weekend we went on our regular all the time trip to Torrey Utah, where Dustin's family LOVES to go and hike and fish and all sorts of fun outdoorsy stuff! This time it was SO much fun because we got to go to my favorite lake! i would tell the name of it, but its a secret!! it takes a truck ride to one spot, till there is no more road for cars, then we ATV about 7 miles into another place, till the trail goes away, then we hike about 2 miles in...but it is way worth it...the lake is beautiful and its only known by locals, so there is no trash and we are almost always the only ones there!! the water is crystal clear you can see the fish swimming in it!! and its surrounded by trees and big rocks! i LOVE fishing there because every fish we catch is huge and they are so dang tasty! And i usually get some bonding time with my papa in law, since Dustin goes out in his float tube and fly fishes, its really fun that we get to talk, and get closer and mess with each other! i love that Steve! I'm so glad i married into such a fun family who loves me as much as i love them! Cause, lets face it, i know I'm kinda hard to love sometimes!!! SO... We usually catch a fish called a tiger trout and they have red meat that tastes something like salmon! Or a cut throat...which looks like, well, like its throat has been cut, its all red...ew! ANYWAYS!!!(sorry, you'll have to get used to this, i tend to ramble on...its the ADD) i caught a huge fish this last time, he must have been at least 4 lbs and somewhere around 20 inches long! I'm so turning into a Harrow!!! Fishing is such a fun relaxing thing to do!

after we caught our limit, which is 2 over 15 inches...we rode back and went to dinner at this TOTALLY hippy place...i think i was the only one there not wearing chacos and khaki shorts, or speaking a foreign language, and probably the only one wearing make up..but come on, a girls gotta look good! the place was pretty much all windows and it was up on a mountain so we had a really pretty view of all of Capital Reef while we ate, and there was so many hummingbirds eating right outside our window! they were so cute! and the food there, for being overpriced hippy food, was actually really good! we will be going there again for sure!

Lets see...after we went home from Torrey, on Monday, we went bowling! i have just started actually liking it, and let me tell should come with us!!! Because its that much fun! I'm not very good, but for some reason i get all the hard split shots...i have no idea how but it made me feel cool, and like bowling a lot more because of it! Dustin scores like at least a 200 every time...he is good, he should be pro or something! We have been going with our friends Tom Mikey and sometimes Stewie, who are all brothers...but lately me and dust have been going by ourselves! and it made me realize that we NEVER do anything alone anymore! Crazy!!!

AAAALright! OH!!! ya! i got my Hunters Safety license last week too!... watch out!