Saturday, April 26, 2008

Home For Christmas!!

So we got to go home for Christmas this year, well kinda, a few days late. But it was still way fun, i love getting to hang out with all my family! They are practically the best people in the whole world. AND while we were home we got to go to disneyland! It was so much fun, especially since kori was so pregnant she got to ride around on a jazzy and get to the front of the line a few times...

papa bear and chloe

my cute little parents
she is so hott....

me, getting way too excited for some candle sticks, i like to bring some unneccesary excitement every now and again
willy was cold...

he REALLy wanted a picture taken

Nick was re living some past pictures here...lovely nick, lovely, posing all the new stuff we got him for christmas too
Chloe...she is a princess
kori and mama, looking beautiful as usual

a little family picture thats not dustins normal smile

it seems...we all were very cool on the way down to disneyland. but what more would you expect, from this awesome family
troyster boyster, nick and papa bear ready to fly up in the air
woopie!!!! there they go!i was really trying, really hardso was that mama....look at the concentration on her face!Theres troy's famous monkey arms in the backkori on a jazzy at disneyland...worth a million bucks....this picture....priceless
i dont know the see no evil hear no evils behind us


This was my first time hunting this season, with my very own hunting license....i dont think i had my gun yet...cause that one doesnt look very shiny at all...and yep your right, i only shot one, and it was the wrong kind of duck....Darn shovler now...if thats not a sight i dont know what is ;)
look at me go!
what a pretty lady, she was being good, and still for a minute, she likes to scare the ducks and geese away sometimes


So this was back in September ish...We went back to our favorite secret fishing spot, and Torrey Utah, and it was pretty dang awesome (as usual) heres a few picty picsanother lake on the way back, you can kinda see it through the trees sunset from the 4wheeler on the way back
First fish of the day, tiger trout, it was a whopper, that pic doesnt do it justice
at the drop off point of the 4wheelers, on to hiking...isnt that perrrty
i think my shutter was shut a bit, it makes it look dark out...but it wasnt, that was my second fishing spot on the lake...o'er there accross the way haha The other side of the lake, you can kinda see how clear the water is here, you can see some rocks on the bottom and such
Heres dustins only catch for the day, she was a MONSTER...except molly and annie look way scarier back there barking at him to let her down haha...oh ps thats gingy he is holding
oh Thats just my Papa in Law, showin us how its doneoh what a pretty molly lady

bye bye bel aire...

Julia....i loved julia, she was my very very favorite, she was so lively and happy all the time, and wanted so bad just for all of us to see her as a friend and not someone we took care of. She thought i was a "dizzy blonde" so every day when i would go in to help her get ready for the day she would teach me a new word...Cause she said she knows how it is to be a dizzy blonde haha...We were going to take her to the movies cause she always wanted to see the latest things out, but the day we were going to take her, she got sick. She kept asking us to take her as soon as she could get the strength up to walk again, but she never did. Julia passed away just a few weeks later, very unexpected, she just became weak, and soon died, all her kids were there for the last two days, they camped out on matteresses and couches in her room till she went, thats what she wanted...She will be truely misssed.

this is Ken, and my puppy willy, willy loved coming and visiting on the holidays, i think this was either christmas or thanksgiving

This is Dorothy, on Christmas, all of the workers got to get as many residents as they wanted gifts, and i chose her and one other lady, the other lady passed away just a few days before christmas so i didnt get the chance to give her hers, but dorothy LOVED hers, thats right, i bought her a stylin hot pink velour outfit... Despite that lovely face she is making, she really loved it!

Alright, so i realize, and formally apologize for not "blogging" for the longest time in history... That being said, im gonna try and be like my brother and just put some quickies from whats gone on since my las blog so that you guys can catch up!
this is Imo, our movie buddy, Me and my friend/co worker Sam would take her to the movies all the time, she loved it....she is one funny lady!

So i quit my job a few weeks ago, and yesterday was my last day. So now i have some time to do this! I really Really loved working there, but i just couldn't live much longer without the insurance that they promised me after 90 days of working there, and wouldnt give me when that 90 days rolled around!! Which was way way back in november, and i felt like an idiot staying as long as i did without getting it, but i just loved the residents i worked with too too much to let them go! It was so hard to leave yesterday, i tried not to tell any of them i was leaving, because my friend quit just the week before and when the residents found out about that there was crying all over! And i didnt want to have to deal with that, it would make me too sad. So the last day comes around and all the residents hear the gossip going around, and sure enough the water works starts....DANG! i hate seeing people cry, but old people...thats even worse! I am really really going to miss it there, and i will have to come back and visit them some time!

here are just a few pics i took over the time i worked there, of my lovely cute little residents (this isnt all of them, just a few, i wish i got them all. But i love every one of these ol folks as if they were my own grandparents! they are the sweetest people in the world!

Ahh Phyllis... She loves attention, so when she fell the other day, we were not suprised to see that she was infact excited about the BEAUTIFUL black eyes and goose egg, because she was getting so much attention for it she could hardly handle it, she thinks it looks like she is wearing a butterfly mask....and yes, she is completly there in the head. haha oh Phyllis
Elverda is probably one of my favorites, and i was one of hers, her family doesnt care much to buy her anything but her rent, which comes from her own pocket anyways, and they use her demencia to their advantage, everything you see in this picture, including her clothes is all donated from us at work. But on a happier note...Elverda will always give you the most interesting and hilarious stories ever....Like for instance, she thinks Bill Clinton is after her because she is the one and only woman in the ENTIRE world who refuses to sleep with him, making him want her even more! haha

oh Charlie...Poor Charlie had a bad bad case of lost it, and his wife, who didnt live there, needed charlie didnt die, he ran away too many times, and tried to "have his way" with a few ladies too many times. His wife didnt like that she found some underwear he stole from one lady's room, in his drawer...Ha THAT was a fun dayLast but not least, our little farm boy, Glen. Thats right his shirt does say pull up a seat and grab a teat...every single one of his shirts said something like that, my favorite was one with a huge fish on the back and it said "quit staring at my bass" haha....and that basically sums up his personality...he was the hardest one to see cry when i left, cause he is such a tough guy...ya that was hard.
oh....and, i almost forgot, since im making blogs and all i might as well let the cat out of the PrEgNaNt!! Yippeee! Suprise! sorry i didnt take a pic of the test so i couldnt make a cutesy announcement like my creative and cute little big sister kori! Thats all!....oh my GOSH that was the hardest secret to keep EVER!!