Monday, December 3, 2012

IT'S BAaaAAACK! Berlyns First Birthday!!!

Well, here i am again, its only been like, what?...oh 3 years?  Nahh, that isnt so bad is it?  i guess i should start bye playing catch up!

i believe my last post was when Berlyn was 9 months old, since then, shes had a few birthdays, lets start with her 1st shall we?
here she is the morning of the big day!  i remember she was just barely starting to walk, and she was still a bit wobbly!  i loved those jammies!  look how little hair she had!!

she LOVED her cake!  her birthday was a "circus" theme, and tyler and allison, kori, colby and addie, trent and the boys, veronica and jet, grandma jama and steve, and aunt Amy came! it was a lot of fun!  we love that little beast!