Tuesday, January 27, 2009

just because

...just a cute picture i took today :) i thought you'd like it...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Chubba Bubba

OH and we just got back from Berlyn's 2 month appointment and she is officially a chub!

Her stats are
head circ. 15 1/2 in. (34th percentile)
height 23 1/2 in. (34th percentile)
weight 13lbs (84th percentile!!!)

thats right, she is supposed to be small, but she is too much of a pig...she has gained about 5 1/2lbs since her 2 week appointment! and only grew maybe 2 inches, i cant remember, i need to find that paper! funny though! she is a pretty cute chubba though.

and she got her immunizations today, she cried more than i have ever seen her cry in her life...it was pretty funny she was so mad! she stopped like ten seconds later

i know its been a while...

so ya, its been like fifty years...i know! but i have been busy busy! and i have some pictures im waiting on from my mom from berlyns blessing...thats right, berlyn was blessed while we were down in california, we did it there since it was the first time in forever all of my family would be together at one time, in a long long time! So it was perfect! Bee had a really cute dress we found up here in provo, but then we went home and my mom found one for a lot cheaper, and the same cuteness, so we decided to get that one instead!
Bee is the MOST PERFECT baby EVER! Im not even eggagerating...she is awesome! Since she was born she sleeps all through the night, and even then, in the morning, i have to wake her up at 7 to feed her! She almost NEVER cries, unless she is starving, and thats pretty much it! And she is always happy and telling stories, and laughing....awesome i tell you, awesome.
Since i last wrote on here, i have gone back to work...and as much as i love my job, i just wish i was at home with Bee...And soooo.. i get to quit and be a stay at home mama, my last day is supposed to be the 4th of February, but my co-worker Katy talked me into staying till thursday, cause she will get to see me before she leaves, then my program lead K-Lyne talked me into staying till friday, cause its the end of the pay period...so i guess its friday the 6th now!

I am so excited for the house to be clean and things to get done at home! When i work NOTHING ever gets done, or at least all the way done, a bunch of stuff gets started but i never get time to finish it, laundry, dishes, vaccuming, dusting, cleaning the bathroom, taking care of the baby, the dogs, making meals, cleaning up after eating...The house is always in a whirlwind of a mess...and i finally get to have time to take care of it! Oh it will be so nice! And i wont have to worry about getting a babysitter...or as these utahs call it, someone to "tend" the baby!

Anywho...i need to take some pictures of myself, ive noticed there arent many, probably because im usually the one taking the pictures...Speaking of which, does anyone know of a really good, not too expensive photographer that can take family pics or baby pics...im in need of some good professional pictures! That would be wonderful.

Alright, sorry this blog is so scattered but i wrote it at the peak of an ADHD attack..thats right, it attacks me, no slow take overs here...BUUT the whole reason i started writing was to get some pics up from the last month...so here you go!

Bee just
loves tolaugh!
She is in LOVE with her dad!
and she loves to talk

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Vote For Bee!


click on that link and vote for bee!! Cutest baby contest...i think she has a pretty good chance...maybe!