Saturday, April 26, 2008

Home For Christmas!!

So we got to go home for Christmas this year, well kinda, a few days late. But it was still way fun, i love getting to hang out with all my family! They are practically the best people in the whole world. AND while we were home we got to go to disneyland! It was so much fun, especially since kori was so pregnant she got to ride around on a jazzy and get to the front of the line a few times...

papa bear and chloe

my cute little parents
she is so hott....

me, getting way too excited for some candle sticks, i like to bring some unneccesary excitement every now and again
willy was cold...

he REALLy wanted a picture taken

Nick was re living some past pictures here...lovely nick, lovely, posing all the new stuff we got him for christmas too
Chloe...she is a princess
kori and mama, looking beautiful as usual

a little family picture thats not dustins normal smile

it seems...we all were very cool on the way down to disneyland. but what more would you expect, from this awesome family
troyster boyster, nick and papa bear ready to fly up in the air
woopie!!!! there they go!i was really trying, really hardso was that mama....look at the concentration on her face!Theres troy's famous monkey arms in the backkori on a jazzy at disneyland...worth a million bucks....this picture....priceless
i dont know the see no evil hear no evils behind us

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