Saturday, April 26, 2008


So this was back in September ish...We went back to our favorite secret fishing spot, and Torrey Utah, and it was pretty dang awesome (as usual) heres a few picty picsanother lake on the way back, you can kinda see it through the trees sunset from the 4wheeler on the way back
First fish of the day, tiger trout, it was a whopper, that pic doesnt do it justice
at the drop off point of the 4wheelers, on to hiking...isnt that perrrty
i think my shutter was shut a bit, it makes it look dark out...but it wasnt, that was my second fishing spot on the lake...o'er there accross the way haha The other side of the lake, you can kinda see how clear the water is here, you can see some rocks on the bottom and such
Heres dustins only catch for the day, she was a MONSTER...except molly and annie look way scarier back there barking at him to let her down haha...oh ps thats gingy he is holding
oh Thats just my Papa in Law, showin us how its doneoh what a pretty molly lady

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