Monday, August 20, 2007

my first and things in utah!

Hey Everyone! Sooo I Saw That My Sister Had A Blog space and i thought that it would be a really good way to let everyone know what was going on with us! i would have more pictures but we accidentally deleted everything off our computer...geniuses! so i will try to get back to you on that one! Anyways....lets get started~!

So lets see...last weekend we went on our regular all the time trip to Torrey Utah, where Dustin's family LOVES to go and hike and fish and all sorts of fun outdoorsy stuff! This time it was SO much fun because we got to go to my favorite lake! i would tell the name of it, but its a secret!! it takes a truck ride to one spot, till there is no more road for cars, then we ATV about 7 miles into another place, till the trail goes away, then we hike about 2 miles in...but it is way worth it...the lake is beautiful and its only known by locals, so there is no trash and we are almost always the only ones there!! the water is crystal clear you can see the fish swimming in it!! and its surrounded by trees and big rocks! i LOVE fishing there because every fish we catch is huge and they are so dang tasty! And i usually get some bonding time with my papa in law, since Dustin goes out in his float tube and fly fishes, its really fun that we get to talk, and get closer and mess with each other! i love that Steve! I'm so glad i married into such a fun family who loves me as much as i love them! Cause, lets face it, i know I'm kinda hard to love sometimes!!! SO... We usually catch a fish called a tiger trout and they have red meat that tastes something like salmon! Or a cut throat...which looks like, well, like its throat has been cut, its all red...ew! ANYWAYS!!!(sorry, you'll have to get used to this, i tend to ramble on...its the ADD) i caught a huge fish this last time, he must have been at least 4 lbs and somewhere around 20 inches long! I'm so turning into a Harrow!!! Fishing is such a fun relaxing thing to do!

after we caught our limit, which is 2 over 15 inches...we rode back and went to dinner at this TOTALLY hippy place...i think i was the only one there not wearing chacos and khaki shorts, or speaking a foreign language, and probably the only one wearing make up..but come on, a girls gotta look good! the place was pretty much all windows and it was up on a mountain so we had a really pretty view of all of Capital Reef while we ate, and there was so many hummingbirds eating right outside our window! they were so cute! and the food there, for being overpriced hippy food, was actually really good! we will be going there again for sure!

Lets see...after we went home from Torrey, on Monday, we went bowling! i have just started actually liking it, and let me tell should come with us!!! Because its that much fun! I'm not very good, but for some reason i get all the hard split shots...i have no idea how but it made me feel cool, and like bowling a lot more because of it! Dustin scores like at least a 200 every time...he is good, he should be pro or something! We have been going with our friends Tom Mikey and sometimes Stewie, who are all brothers...but lately me and dust have been going by ourselves! and it made me realize that we NEVER do anything alone anymore! Crazy!!!

AAAALright! OH!!! ya! i got my Hunters Safety license last week too!... watch out!

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