Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Well...now that im back working at the State Developmental Center, i am both too busy to do this too often, and too bored at work... i work the PM shift so i leave for work around 12 ish so i can get something to eat before work, or whatever, then i work from 130 to 10pm... and that shift gives me a lot of extra time, since i get the girls to bed around 8... i have till 10 to clean and do whatever i want, which gets pretty boring as you could probably guess. SO ive been bringing my paper and sparkly stuff and started making a bunch of this and that to keep me from being too bored...Heres what i did sunday....They look a lot prettier and more detailed in real life, but its a pic from my phone and it took a lot of it away.

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The Archuleta's said...

Hey Miles works at the Developemental Center too. The Pleasant View Family 5. Are you a DVM?