Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sometimes we fish...Sometimes we find family

Dustin and Berlyn taking a nap...i LOVE this picture so much!

A few weekends ago now, we went down to Torrey Utah, our usual Utah vacation spot for fishing and hunting and such, to go ice fishing, and to find my great-great grandma!

A little bit of a back story...i found out just a little bit before this that my great-grandma actually used to live in the EXACT same town we have been visiting for so many years! Which is pretty awesome and quite a coincidence, considering Torrey's total population is maybe 100 people, and the whole county of Wayne has a population of 2000...thats 1 person per sq mile! and thats on a good day! SO before we went down i did a bunch of quick family history and found out that she lived in about 4 little towns down there with her mom (my great-great-grandma) and HER mom too..great great great! whooo thats great! Turns out it was the first place they lived when they moved here from Scotland! I never got the chance to meet my great great grandma maggie...but she sure sounded like a lot of fun to say the least! She married a man down there, named John Busenbark and they had a bunch of kids, and lived there happily until she passed away.

Anyways, i searched it up a bit, and found out where she was buried! And it is like 5 miles away from my in laws house down there! Crazy! I feel so much closer to this place now, knowing i have such a strong family connection to it! Its awesome to know i am going around visiting and seeing the same farms, lakes, rivers, mountains, trails etc., as my great grandma did when she was not much younger than me! It is so cool! I am hopeing to maybe find some blood relatives that might still be down there! Maybe they know more stories about my family! That would be so exciting! i cant even stand it!

Dustins family has been visiting there since like 1930 and my family lived there since 1900! If you knew how small this place is, you would think it was pretty dang awesome too that its connected! Anyways, here are some pics from the trip!

Berlyn sleeping on the way there! (she has a milk beard)

She had a baby that only lived a month :( born the same year as my grandma, who i never got the chance to meet, Margaretmy great grandma's brother WilliamHer sister VirginiaMy great great grandma maggie and her husband John Busenbark! So many flowers means someone is still there who loves them! Which means, i am going to find them, and have even more family! Wooo!!LOOK! A couple of Bald Eagles! faaaancy!Turkey Lurkeys!i caught this MONSTERIt was freezing and he was slimy and really hard to hold! (i let him go by the way)


Jess said...

Awww Mama that is so so so so so cool you found family! (ya maybe their buried but you still found them!) I hope you can find some living ones now! Berlin looks oh so special with her lil milk beard! ;)

Christie and Dustin said...

you dont mean special in a karen way do you?...cause i kind of think you do...cause i kind of think i do too

Jess said...

haha you are SO mean! NO she's not like Karen at all!!!! Ok well maybe karen is mentally on the same page & she does drool food down her face but Bee looks CUTE special not uhhh special special ;)