Sunday, July 12, 2009

4th of july weekend

so over the 4th of july, we of course went to Torrey Utah with El Steve-o, aka Grandpa Grizzly, aka Dustins Dad. It was pretty darn fun as usual, and Berlyn is really starting to love it there too. She especially loves the 4wheeler rides! Apparently the rough terrain is good for naps. We also went to the 4th of July parade in Torrey, it was really fun, and old fashioned ish. Anywho, here are the latest pictures of our adventures....

sometimes i lick fish i guess... these were some giants we caught up in "spectical"
oh ya there was a bit of a flash flood on the 4th after the parade...please note, this roaring river wasnt running through town till the flood...fancy huh?
Steve o really doesnt like touching them...
here he is after he cleaned half...oh sick
Dust with his first 2 big ones at the pond
Here she is giving you guys a good image of how big the fish actually were
Bee taking a nap while we were fishing up in "spectical", after the fun 4wheeler ride up ...Bless her little heart


Tenille Gates said...

Well i must say...that i am extremely JEALOUS!! Those fish are huge! Crust, you are a stud for snaggin' them puppies ;0) Now we HAVE to come see youguys so we can go fishin! Wahoo! Its good to see that Bee was in on the action as well :0) Atta girl! Im glad uguys are doing well! ♥

Dustin Christie and Bee said...

you really should! the pic where i am licking the fish is SO pretty! and its so far away from any town or anything its awesome! and im pretty sure EVERY fish in there is huge!!it is a lot of fun! you would LOVE it!! bee is definitely an outdoors girl! she is one tough cookie! who would have known!